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We at Wim Lottering Optometrist are passionate about highest quality eye care, we spend a great deal of time with every patient to assure clear and comfortable binocular vision and ensure uncompromised ocular health and early detection of possible sight threatening diseases

What happens during an eye examination?

1. Visual acuity test
We let you read letters/numbers on a chart to determine your visual acuity without spectacles and we determine where and how we can improve your vision.

2. Eye muscle control
Eye muscle control and flexibility is measured to make sure you binocular vision function is sufficient

3. Retinoscopy
The optometrist gets an objective measurement of your prescription

4. Refraction and balancing of two eyes

5.Slit-lamp examination
Look at the external health of the eye

6. Ophthalmoscopy
Look at the internal health of the eye


8.Visual field test

9.Glaucoma test (intra ocular pressure)

10.Other tests if needed especially with our children to ensure that conditions such as reading difficulties, frontal headaches, lag of concentration and writing difficulties that are vision related problems can be corrected.

Our Optometrist will go through their results and discuss it with you, and if needed, spectacles or contact lenses will be prescribed, or visual therapy will be given. Factors like your individual needs, working environment, sport and hobbies, and eye health will be taken in consideration, and discussed.

Aftercare is very important for us. This includes:
Adjustment of frames to fit comfortably and according to your face, fitting nose pads, tightening of screws, refitting of lenses and lens transfers to new frames   or any minor repairs can be done on site, by a qualified technician