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Ultra-violet or UV rays are given off by radiant energy e.g. the sun. Over-exposure to UV can result in damage to the eye. The formation of Cataracts has been linked to UV exposure. Pterigiums and Pingueculae are growths on the conjunctiva caused by UV exposure and dry, dusty conditions. IT IS THEREFORE ESSENTIAL TO PROTECT OUR EYES FROM UNWANTED UV LIGHT.


The aim of ARC is to reduce or eliminate lens surface reflection from lights, motor vehicle headlights, computer screens and other shiny surfaces. This will improve clarity and comfort of a persons’ vision. It can also improve the cosmetic appearance of a lens.


Clear indoor and at night.
Adapts quickly and turns dark outdoor.
Blocks 100% UVA and UVB rays
Improves visual comfort
Automatically shields your eye form glare by adjusting to changing light
Help protects eyes in all light conditions
Reduces eye fatigue
Helps decrease the risk of ocular conditions


Optimum protection against scratches – especially for young children that need to wear glasses to protect their lenses.Scratches occur when spectacles are miss-handled, e.g. wiped with toilet paper, or tissue paper, or rough material, putting the spectacles down with the lenses facing the surface, or neglect.
The anti-scratch coating will not prevent the lenses from getting scratched, but will help in everyday wear to reduce scratching to occur.

To treat the lenses the best, is to rinse it underneath a tap, to allow any dust particles to be removed with the running water, and then drying the lenses gently with a cotton cloth.