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Daily Contact Lenses

  • New lens everyday
  • NO use of solution
  • Perfect for the holiday time
  • Lubricates the eye in the morning for a silky smooth feeling and easy insertion
  • Moisturizes throughout the day to keep lenses feeling new longer
  • Refreshes into the evening for lasting all day comfort

Presbyopia and Contact Lenses

Presbyopia: Is an unavoidable change in vision and usually occurs from 40 years of age. The ability to focus on closer objects, and books and newspapers reduces, and any reading material has to be held further away from the eyes.

Different contact lens options are available for persbyopia:

  1. Monovision – This option is when we correct your dominant eye with your distance prescription and your non-dominate eye with your near prescription so that it will provide you with clear distance and near vision.
  2. Multifocal Contact lenses – There is a wide range of multifocal contact lenses on the market, for example: Bi-concentric Lenses:


There are also new design lenses that are excellent for near and computer work
Please feel free to come in and receive your free trail at any off our Wim Lottering Optometrist Branches.