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Tips for Soft Contact Lens Care

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Step 1:

Always wash your hands and dry your hands thoroughly before touching you contact lenses.

Step 2:

When removing your lenses, use your fingers to firmly hold your lids open. Slide the lens onto the white part of your eye and gently pinch the lens off with your thumb and forefinger. Ladies, be careful with those lovely long nails.

Step 3:

Clean your lens by placing it on the palm of your hand and adding a few drops of solution. Gently rub the lens for about 10 seconds. Make sure to rub back and forth and not in a circle as this could scratch the lens. Rinse the lens with some solution. By rubbing the lens you get rid of almost all the deposits and bacteria that get stuck to the lens during the day.

Step 4:

Disinfect your lenses after rubbing them, by placing the lenses into a case and filling it with contactless cleaning solution. Leave the lenses to soak over night or for a minimum of the manufacturer’s recommended disinfecting time. Never use water, not even if it is distilled.

Step 5:

Before you insert a lens again, inspect it for any damage and make sure that it is not inside out. Never insert a damaged lens into your eye.

Step 6:

To insert the lenses you need to firmly hold your lids open and then gently touch the lens onto the white part of your eye, then look around and gently close your eyes to squeeze out any air bubbles trapped beneath the lens. The lens will move into the correct position by itself.

Step 7:

After inserting your lenses you should discard the used solution left in the case and rinse the case with fresh solution before leaving it to air dry.

DOs and DON’Ts:


  • have clean hands
  • rub and rinse for improved hygiene
  • disinfect your lenses everyday
  • rinse your lens case everyday
  • have regular check ups with your eye care professional



  • rinse your lenses or lens case with tap water
  • swim, shower or bath with your lenses
  • keep your lens case for more than three months
  • use saliva to clean your lenses
  • sleep with your lenses unless told to by your eye care professional
  • wear your lenses for longer than you should